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Suboptimal Email Marketing = Missed Sales.

Sounds Familiar?

“Help! Nobody signs up for our email list”. Or…

“We lack time & expertise to properly nurture our email list!”. Or…

“We want more sales from our email list”.

I Only Get Paid, If You Do Too

As a course creator, your hands are full.

You have to create great content for multiple SoMe channels, reach out to potential students, reply on social media and countless other tasks.

… Overwhelmed?

You may not even have time to learn and apply expert level email marketing, which can give you up to 4 400% ROI.

– Yet, after all your hard work, do you really wanna miss out on such tremendous potential?

Hi, I’m Fahad Sulehria.

Somewhere, in a corner of the dreamy, Shakespearean city of Elsinore (Hamlet!) in Denmark, I’m probably sitting at a desk, sipping on a steamy cup of green tea and writing emails that sell high-ticket online courses, just like yours.

The past 4 years, I’ve immersed myself in freelance email copywriting/marketing. I’ve studied under well known email copywriters such as Anik Singal and Jacob McMillen.

I’m here to help your business thrive.

That’s what I love to do.

Your Success Is My Success.

I work on commission. Meaning, I only get paid if you do. And I only ask commission on the extra clients I bring in.

Let’s team up and kick your competitors’ asses!

Hi! I’m Fahad Sulehria, a freelance email copywriter/marketer. I enjoy travelling, astrophysics and martial arts.

How Do You Want To Improve Your Business?

Lead Magnet: Free Email Course or Ebook

Make them crave to sign up with an irresistible offer.

No sign ups = No sales.

Get them onboard your email list, build a relationship with them, display your expertise and authority. Then SELL them your course.

PRICE: Starting from $250.

“Welcome Series” & Other Sequences

Turn new subscribers into loyal customers.

It’s crucial that you start off the relationship on a great foot. Else, “Poof!”, they’re gone! That’s what a “Welcome Sequence” is for.

There’s many different sequences you will need. All play a specific, critical role. Which one do you need?

  • Product launch,
  • Webinar invite,
  • Post-webinar sales,
  • Revival of a “dead” list,
  • Product validation sequence,
  • Etc…
PRICE: Commission rate on new customers acquired. Contact for more info.

Weekly/Daily Emails That Engage Your Audience

Save yourself precious time and effort. Get professionally written emails to sell your online course.

Admit it: Nurturing your email list isn’t always on top of your priority list, because you’re swamped with different tasks.

Done poorly, you’ll stain your brand, lose valuable subscribers and miss out on substantial revenue.

Yet, it’s a critical business task that shouldn’t be handled by anyone else than a professional.

Let me do it for you.

Use your time for other critical tasks.

PRICE: Commission rate on new customers acquired. Contact for more info.

3 Simple Steps To Sell Your Online Course

1: Schedule a Meeting

  • Tell me about your needs, challenges, desires and your audience.
  • Set me up as an affiliate.

2: I’ll write your emails

I’ll use proven email copywriting principles to sell your online course.

3: Enjoy more clients & a higher revenue!

Your success is my success.

My Guarantee

If you work with me, I promise to listen to your needs and your vision.

I will do research to understand your audience as well as possible. I will use proven copywriting principles, to ensure quality and relevancy towards your audience and customers.

Your Success is My Success.

//Fahad Sulehria

“What if I don’t use email marketing to sell my online course?”

  • LESS REVENUE – You miss out on up to 4.200% ROI. Email marketing is the most lucractive marketing channel.
  • More Money, Time & Work required to get equal amount of sales from lesser marketing channels. Scaling becomes harder. Why waste your resources?
  • Lower Customer Loyalty – Your list is your most receptive and loyal audience. Do you want them to go to your competitors instead?

Your Email List Is Now Your Most Reliable & Profitable Asset to SELL Your Online Course.

With An Increased Revenue, Your Business Grows & Becomes More Secure.

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