Copywriting to Crush Your Online Competitors.

I Provide You with Email Copywriting, Website Copywriting & Content Writing (for Blogs) that Will Boost Your Business’ Revenue & Grab a Bigger Market Share through The Power of Storytelling.

Is This You:

“Nobody reads my emails. And why doesn’t anybody signup to our NEWSLETTER? or…

“My competitors earn more than me, but I have a better product/service! – AHH!!” or…

“Our website doesn’t sell! Can I even earn anything? Maybe I should give up?

If you have a great product or service, you shouldn’t have to struggle to meet your revenue goals.

Fahad Sulehria, Freelancing Copywriter.
Freelancing Copywriter, Fahad Sulehria

Your Success is My Success

Using my knowledge in copywriting, human behavioral psychology & content writing, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

Wherever you are in your journey, I’ll take you to a place where more customers buy your products or services – and more people engage with your content.


Because I KNOW what it’s like to pour your blood, sweat and tears into something and expect a big bang, only to end up with hearing crickets.

Thankfully, it’s not like that for me anymore.

The past 4 years, I’ve immersed myself in writing and I’m a student of entrepreneurial giant Anik Singal (“Copywriting Academy”) and the extremely skilled Jacob McMillen (“The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course”).

My Copywriting Services

– How do you want to improve your business?

Email Copywriting

Turn your newsletter into a GOLDMINE!

Done right, your newsletter is a critical business asset, full of loyal customers that are happy to buy your products or services.

Unfortunately, most businesses never get to enjoy the full power of their newsletter:

  • “Is it even worth it to have a newsletter anymore?”,
  • “HOW do we write so our audience buys more of our products/services?”,
  • “We’ve got 10,361 subscribers, but only 41 clicked the link to our product page???”,
  • “Why do so many of our emails show up as junk mail?”,
  • Etc, etc…

Using proven copywriting principles, technical knowledge of newsletters and human behavioral psychology, I’ll write emails for you that’ll make sure you earn a lot more money from your email newsletter.

Stop “leaving money on the table”. Let’s discuss how we can make you earn more from your newsletter.

Website Copywriting & StoryBranding

Transform your website into a smooth, money making machine!

Too many websites underperform and don’t generate as much revenue as they should be able to. Even worse, they scare your customers away from your business and straight into the hands of your competitors.

Well, that has got to stop, NOW!

You’ve poured a lot of your money, time and effort into your website and it SHOULD be generating you an abundance of leads and money. If it doesn’t, you need my help.

I’ll carefully examine your website and your audiece to determine what we can do to make your website generate a lot more money.


This space will be about an external, internal & philosophical problems my customers have, because that increases the value of my services.

What is the Transformation?

Longform Blog Writing

Heeey bahbe reebaaa!

Something profound and selling. Something catchy and irresistible, ya know?

How to Get My Copywriting Services

In 3 simple steps:

1: Schedule a Meeting

  • Tell me what you need & help me understand how I can best serve you.
  • After agreement, you need to pay 50% of the total fee.

2: I’ll write your copy/content

I’ll use my copywriting skills and knowledge in human psychology to write effective copy/content that’ll really sell your offer. After delivery, the other 50% will be paid.

3: Enjoy more clients & a higher revenue!

Your success is my success… And I want to maximize yours!

My Guarantee

If you work with me, I promise to listen to your needs and your vision.

I will do research to understand your audience as well as possible. I will use proven copywriting principles, so that it appeals specifically to your audience and customers. This will ensure that your profits are maximized.

Your Success is My Success.

//Fahad Sulehria

“What if I don’t use copywriting for my business?”

Here’s what you risk:

  1. Your website, emails, ads and your very brand risk drowning in all the marketing noise out there.
  2. You’ll have to spend more money, time & effort in an uphill battle through each step of the customer journey.
  3. You won’t connect as well to your customers & audience.

Is that what you really wish for your business?

From Struggling to a Thriving Business.

Stop playing small. Level up. Move Forward.